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Before diving into the specifics of logging into your Betterment account, it's important to understand what Betterment offers. Betterment provides a range of financial services including:Automated Investment Management: Betterment uses algorithms to manage your investment portfolio based on your risk tolerance, goals, and time horizon. This automated approach helps in maintaining an optimal asset allocation and rebalancing the portfolio as needed.Financial Planning: Betterment offers financial planning tools and access to human financial advisors. These services help users create and track their financial goals such as retirement planning, saving for a home, or building an emergency fund.Tax-Efficient Investing: Betterment incorporates strategies like tax-loss harvesting and tax-coordinated portfolios to help minimize the tax impact on your investments.Cash Management: Betterment provides high-yield cash accounts and checking accounts with features such as ATM fee reimbursements and no account fees.